Antimicrobial copper push plate
    • Antimicrobial copper push plate

    Anti-microbial copper half-moon push plate Ares


    Anti-microbial copper half-moon push plate, "Ares" model, ideal for the doors of EPHADs, hospitals, clinics, establishments open to the public

    Helps to fight effectively against hand-carried infectious diseases (effective against the Covid-19 virus)

    Made in France from aerospace grade CUA1 copper and meeting the strictest French and European standards

    Uncoated brushed copper finish

    Dimensions: diameter 30cm, radius 15cm

    If you would like another custom size, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Délais de Fabrication 7 à 10 jours


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    Satisfied or refunded


    Free delivery from 250 euros in France (excluding Corsica)

    Copper push plate CUA1 antibacterial and antiviral

    Today, 80% of infections are transmitted manually. In hospitals where the patient's immediate environment is composed of copper, there is a 40% reduction in nosocomial illnesses. By reducing the number of nosocomial and infectious diseases, copper helps reduce the number of beds occupied in hospitals and relieve caregivers of extra work.

    By choosing CUA1 copper push plates from the Mercure Décoration brand for your establishment. You can significantly reduce the risk of transmitting infectious diseases. CUA1 copper is effective against bacteria, viruses and microscopic fungi. Our thrust plates are particularly suitable for hospitals, retirement homes and establishments open to the public.

    Our push plates are effective against influenza A virus, Staphyloccocus aureus bacteria, listeriosis, Clostridium difficile, Helicobacter pylori, Enterobacter aerogenes and many other bacterial, fungal and viral strains that pose a health risk of people.

    The copper present CUA1 present in our thrust plates is composed of Cu2 + and Cu3 + ions which generate oxidative stress and induce cell death of bacteria on its surface. They will also cause irreversible damage to bacterial and viral membranes and cause the destruction of these microorganisms. Copper also induces a leakage of potassium and glutamate through the cell membranes of microorganisms, a disturbance of the osmotic balance and a chelation of non-copper-dependent proteins.

    CUA1 copper kills 99.9% of bacteria after 2 hours of exposure. As our thrust plates are made of solid copper, they do not lose effectiveness over time unlike a simple copper coating. The anti-bacterial and anti-viral potential of our outbreaks remains the same even after repeated contamination. They also help inhibit the growth and accumulation of bacteria on its surface. They do not induce resistance from bacteria because they immediately inhibit bacterial growth. As copper has several modes of action, it is also highly unlikely that bacterial resistance can develop, unlike antibiotics generally using only one mode of action.

    Our push plates are safe for human health and the environment. They are easy to maintain and meet the highest French and European standards.

    Aesthetic appearance and longevity:

    The surface color of our thrust plates may change over time. It depends on the use and the relative humidity of the place of use. The color may generally turn dark brown, but this does not affect its antibacterial and antiviral qualities.

    Our push plates can be easily cleaned with soapy water, alcohol or bleach by rinsing thoroughly after application.

    Technical description and place of manufacture:

    Our thrust plates are made in France in our workshops in Anjou (49)

    Our thrust plates are made from 100% CUA1 copper.

    Our push plates are safe for human health and the environment.

    For a quote request for establishments open to the public and local authorities: contact us

    Technical description and place of manufacture:

    our door handle is supplied with a 7 mm square and meets French and European standards. Manufacturing as well as research and development took place in France in our workshops. The CUA1 copper in our door handle is harmless to human health and harmless to the environment.

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