Mercury Decoration

Who are we 

Mercure Décoration was born from the desire to protect the secular craftsmanship of French ironwork. From its inception, Mercure Décoration, represented by its founder and artistic director, Alexis Leicher, sought to preserve and perfect French excellence.

For us, what constitutes the heritage, the identity of our country and which shines throughout the world, is the excellence of our craftsmen. In each grove, in the setting of each village in France, know-how and trades for certain millennia are passed on, learned over the years by enthusiasts. These immemorial professions that we admire are at the heart of our identity.

Our art workshop, located on the edge of Angers, in a green setting, represents the soul of our house, deeply imbued with Angevin softness, it is here that each piece is crafted with passion. From the preliminary drawing, to the last layer of varnish applied delicately with a brush, it is in our art workshops that the immaterial soul of French ironwork vibrates.

Each hour spent in our workshops reinforces the know-how of our artistic ironworkers. We are enthusiastic about the idea of ​​sharing with you this heritage which pays tribute to the excellence of French craftsmanship.

For several years now, we have been celebrating the creativity of the sculptor Hélène Leicher, her bronze table lamps with an animal theme in a plant decor are for us an infinite source of inspiration and creativity.

Our craftsmanship

Each of our products is unique, timeless, creative, and behind each of our products lies the unique touch of our craftsmen. This excellence is the result of several decades of rigorous work. Each gesture, each step, each technique is for us the masterpiece of ancestral know-how, passed down from generation to generation. For us, it is the uniqueness and diversity of each of our talents that is our compass and that makes us proud.

Offer excellence to our customers

France is recognized throughout the world for its emblematic know-how. Excellence for us comes from creating products that come as close as possible to the masterpiece. The delight of our customers, the joy of the work accomplished, the thanks in letters sent from all over the world are a source of immense pride for us but also a responsibility. The responsibility to offer each of our clients a share of French luxury, of our homeland, of our know-how. The real metalwork behind each product involves slight irregularities between each piece. This is proof of our authenticity.

Our commitments for the planet

Mercure Décoration is a French ironwork house proudly anchored in its territory and in its time, we carry values of sharing, excellence and creativity. We are deeply aware of the challenges of our humanity. Thus, in order to contribute to the climate effort, we are developing a reasoned supply, our raw material suppliers are all located within a radius of 50 kilometers around our Art workshop. We handcraft each of our products in France and we travel between our transporter and our workshop in an electric vehicle.