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Our made-to-measure table legs: for those who want a unique Made in France interior

Our custom-made table legs are aimed at both demanding individuals and professionals wishing to make unique tables. Whether you are looking for dining table legs, desk legs or table legs for your hotel restaurant, we have the table legs you need.

Our custom-made metal table legs will highlight an interior that reflects your image. They will also be perfectly suited for cafes, bars and restaurants (CHR) wishing to create a unique place thanks to the quality and elegance of tailor-made made in France. All at a fair price.

The Mercure Décoration guide to choosing the ideal made-to-measure table leg

If you are unsure of which custom foot to choose, here are our recommendations:

  • For dining table legs: choose the custom Heraclitus leg to make an elegant dining table, but you can also choose the Hercules, Olympus, Ulysses table legs or the tube leg.
  • For desk feet: the Héraclite custom foot will be perfect for making a beautiful desk, but you can also choose the Hercules, Olympus or Ulysses feet.

  • To make a tailor-made coffee table: the custom-made flat steel legs will be perfect. Custom Olympe feet will also be ideal if you want to give your interior an industrial feel.

Obviously, these are only tips and you can choose the foot of your choice according to your wishes, it is the freedom that tailor-made offers.

Finishing of our made-to-measure feet

On many of our products, we offer you the choice of finish. You can choose either the raw finish for a nice industrial effect, or the varnish finish. The varnish finish helps prevent the appearance of rust, we highly recommend it if your feet are likely to be in contact with water or if you live in a saline climate.

You can also choose the raw finish and varnish by yourself with a standard anti-rust varnish (once a year, if you live in a saline climate). The varnish also serves as an adhesion primer to paint your custom-made table legs. For a typical industrial style, we recommend painting with a beautiful matte black paint.

Our made-to-measure table legs: the choice of quality and French know-how

Our custom-made industrial table legs are made in France, in Angers, in a completely artisanal way. Our artisans are proud and happy to offer you table legs handcrafted in France.

Our table legs are made from raw steel from our suppliers located less than 50 km from our factory, allowing a reduced carbon footprint. We also believe that it is our duty to produce objects that will last over time and of impeccable quality, this is our commitment.

We believe that the choice of Made in France should not be a question of price. This is why we always keep the idea of ​​making our products accessible to all through honest and fair prices.

At Mercure Décoration, we make the choice to offer you beautiful objects, solid and durable over time. Thanks to our made-to-measure table legs made in France, unleash your creative potential.