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Our door handles and our products in CUA1 Copper

Mercure Décoration has developed door handles made of raw CUA1 copper. The CUA1 copper present in our door handle has great anti-viral and anti-bacterial power. Indeed, the Cu2 + and Cu3 + ions present on the surface of our product interact with the bacterial and viral membranes. This interaction causes oxidative stress and ultimately the destruction of bacteria and virions. Our doorknob is also effective against most single cell parasites and fungi.

Today, 80% of infections are transmitted through the hands, one of the main vectors of these hand transmissions are doorknobs. An October 2020 poll found that only 77% of French people routinely washed their hands after using the toilet and only 37% after blowing their nose. Our Athena door handles limit the risk of manual transmission of pathogens.

Our CUA1 copper products are effective against the Covid-19 virus, Helicobacter Pylori, Clostridium difficile and many bacterial and viral strains. It is perfectly suited to establishments open to the public such as schools, hospitals as well as retirement homes and companies wishing to protect their employees and customers.

In hospitals, the presence of copper in the immediate environment of patients makes it possible to limit the rate of nosocomial diseases by 40%. By limiting these illnesses, copper helps relieve hospitals of many days of busy beds and extra work for caregivers. CUA1 copper helps prevent unnecessary suffering and death of patients. It can also be used in retirement homes to protect vulnerable people from avoidable risk.

Our CUA1 copper product is safe for human, animal and environmental health. To make a quote for health professionals, local authorities: contact us. For export to healthcare facilities in the United States, please contact us imperatively 1 month before ordering in order to complete the administrative documents. For export to healthcare establishments in other countries, please contact us upstream so that our sales department can approach your embassy.

Our product is made in France. CUA1 copper is certified as a bactericidal agent by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). During a pandemic, our product may quickly run out of stock or may be subject to export restrictions. Please contact us absolutely 1 month in advance for orders over 500 pairs for export outside the European Union and 250 pairs in the European Union in order to minimize delays linked to export limitations.

For public hospitals in France, please contact our customer service to complete the administrative documents related to regional health agencies.

All orders are delivered by our carrier UPS in France and internationally.

For more information on the antimicrobial qualities of CUA1 copper and its value in limiting the risks of infection, you can visit the site: