• Anti-covid, bactericidal and virucidal door handle
  • Athena antimicrobial door handle with rosette
  • Athena copper door handle with cleanliness rosette
  • Brushed copper door handle
  • Antiviral and antibacterial copper door handle
  • Antiviral and antibacterial copper door handle
  • Athena, copper door handle to fight against hand infections

Athena - Pair of antimicrobial copper door handles


Pair of antimicrobial copper door handles, Athena model

Used to fight infectious diseases

French artisanal manufacture

Uncoated brushed copper finish

Made in France in our workshops

We offer 3 variations:

- simple handles

-handles on rosettes

-handles on door plates

In stock, shipped within 7-10 days


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Pair of Athena anti-coronavirus copper door handles

We come into contact about 62 times a day with a doorknob. With each opening we expose ourselves to thousands of potentially fatal pathogens, including Covid-19 and its variants.

This pair of Athena door handles, used in addition to an effective antimicrobial strategy, is the perfect tool to limit the risk of transmission of bacteria, viruses, and microscopic fungi. Indeed, the natural antimicrobial properties of copper have been demonstrated by numerous scientific studies. Our door handle protects you in particular against the influenza A virus responsible for tens of thousands of deaths annually in France. Against the Staphyloccocus Aureus bacteria which is responsible for nosocomial diseases. Against listeriosis, one of the most serious zoonoses in pregnant women, which can lead to the death of the fetus. Against Clostridium difficile, Helicobacter Pylori, Enterobacter Aerogenes and many other bacterial and viral strains that are responsible for the disease and death of millions of people around the world.

Our door handle is made of pure industrial and aerospace grade CUA1 copper. CUA1 copper is already in use for its antiseptic capabilities in many hospitals and clinics around the world. According to the New England Journal of Medicine, the copper used in the manufacture of our door handle protects against the transmission of the coronavirus (Covid-19 and variants) unlike plastic or stainless steel door handles usually used in hospitals. and housing.

By choosing our door handle you are choosing to protect your family, your employees and your patients. You are also participating in the fight against pandemics and the reduction of diseases across the world.

Our door handle is available for sale to individuals and professionals. Due to strong demand, delivery times may be extended during the pandemic period.

Interview procedure:

the antiseptic properties of our door handle are intrinsically linked to the presence of Cu2 + and Cu3 + ions in the copper CUA1. You can, however, easily maintain your doorknobs by cleaning them with alcohol, soapy water or bleach and rinsing thoroughly after application.

Aesthetic appearance and longevity:

the surface of our door handle may change color over time, it depends on the use and the relative humidity of the place of use. The color usually changes, in a hospital setting, to dark brown after 3 years. It does not alter the anti-microbial qualities in any way.

Technical description and place of manufacture:

our door handle is supplied with a 7 mm square and meets French and European standards. Manufacturing as well as research and development took place in France in our workshops. The CUA1 copper in our door handle is harmless to human health and harmless to the environment.

Sources and scientific data:

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