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How to choose your made in France lighting ?

We offer you here some lights entirely made in our Art factory in Angers, France. These made in France lights are made by Hélène Leicher, a renowned Angevin sculptor who enchants us with her plant-based and serene imagination.

These lamps are not just a way to have light in the home. They are true works of art, each living their own lives and surprisingly serene. The animals climbing the lamps as if they were going up the trees are for us a constant inspiration. They will speak to art and decoration lovers who will easily dream of the savannah while observing the delicious details imagined by Hélène Leicher's unique paw.

Whether it's a monkey, a bear, a fox or a mouse. The whole of Hélène Leicher's menagerie represents for us a celebration of nature and wildlife that will delight young and old. These lamps were designed between 2016 and 2019, they measure without shade on average about forty centimeters. They will be perfect for an elegant interior with a certain sensibility.

These works are all made in the noblest way possible for a lamp: lost wax bronze. Historically, copper was already worked at low temperature in the 8th millennium BC in the Near East, but bronze itself, this alloy of copper and tin, was invented around 2700 BC. Bronze was used yesterday and still today to make the most beautiful sculptures in history. Today, Hélène Leicher pays tribute to this culture and this millennial know-how by making the most beautiful lights in the world.

Bronze helps create the most durable furniture possible that will last for centuries. By ordering one of these lights, giving you a testimony of your artistic taste to posterity, these objects will live with you, they will be at your service and your closest advisers. The special humanity that emerges from these lamps will be for you like the lighthouse guiding the sailors in the night mist, it will help you, they will support you.

The nobility of the finish, the unique patina of each object will make your interior unique and appreciated by all your visitors. They will always be a source of inspiration and comfort to you. These lamps, handcrafted in Angers, prove your attachment to this secular know-how of bronze casting and artistic ironwork. Each piece is made by our Master Ironworker, it is then patinated by our master varnisher with the greatest nobility before being carefully sent by our carrier.

The lost wax bronze creations are the first products made by Mercure Décoration, they are for our House, the symbol of our passion for French art and craftsmanship. By choosing these lights, you are choosing to combine beauty and quality thanks to the elegance of Made in France.

If you have any questions, you can contact us.

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