Metal table leg, Icare model
    • Metal table leg, Icare model
    • Metal table legs, Icare model
    • Metal table leg, Icare model, profile view
    • Metal table leg, Icare model
    • Metal table leg, Icare model
    • Metal table leg, Icare model, top view
    • Metal table leg, Icare model, side view
    • Metal table leg, Icare model, side view
    • Metal table leg, Icare model, front view

    Icare - Office leg - Industrial design office leg


    Industrial steel desk table leg, "Icare" model, perfect for making or personalizing a desk, a dining table or for creating an outdoor table.

    Our industrial style desk leg is made from raw steel, it has the advantage of being extremely strong, sturdy and very light.

    Two types of finishes are available:

    -The raw steel finish without treatment.

    -The varnished finish which helps prevent the appearance of rust.

    Each Icare desk leg is 71 cm high and can withstand a Herculean load of 60 kg. Each of our table legs is handmade in France by our craftsmen.

    Délais de Fabrication 7 à 10 jours


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    Icarus is the symbol of freedom, of surpassing oneself. The Icare foot has a light, timeless design. It will be in perfect harmony with your interior. It goes well with any type of wooden tray and is entirely Made in France.

    For what use ?

    The Icare leg is perfect as a desk leg, it can also be imagined for a dining table or for a restaurant table. The Icare foot can also be used to create an outdoor table. In the latter use, we advise you to choose the varnished finish and to varnish your foot once a year with a standard anti-rust varnish.

    The Icare foot will be perfect with any type of wooden top, Icare indeed represents universality.

    The tip of our interior designer: by changing the top on your Icare stand, you can easily give a different atmosphere to your office and the room where it is located.



    The Icare foot is entirely made in France by our craftsmen in our factory near Angers. The varnishing is carried out by our master varnisher.

    It is made from raw steel measuring 5 centimeters by 5 centimeters in a square tube.

    Each foot is made by hand by craftsmen, so there may be tiny differences in finish between each foot, a guarantee of their authenticity.



    The Icarus foot measures 71 centimeters in height, 51 centimeters in length and 5 centimeters in width.

    It weighs less than 5 kilos per foot which makes it extremely easy to transport. It has 6 fixing holes to the tray. With its simple and elegant design, it can be easily stored when not in use.

    Each foot can support a load of 80 kilos evenly distributed.

    Our feet are sold individually. 


    Two colors are available, the varnish finish and the raw color.

    The untreated raw finish: dark steel color, perfect to give an industrial style to your interior. We recommend that you clean the stand and then leave it as it is or varnish it to prevent the appearance of rust. If you want to paint it, we advise you to apply a varnish in order to have a primer between the foot and your paint.

    The varnish finish: our great master varnisher comes to apply with a brush and in the noblest way possible a varnish that prevents the appearance of rust. The foot can then be painted by you if you wish.

    why choose this table leg ? 

    This Icare foot is perfect for an office, it is light, robust, easy to transport and store. This foot is elegant and entirely made in France.

    With the Icare foot, no longer be afraid to take the plunge and give wings to your projects.

    Values of the House and sustainable development

    Mercure Décoration is a French ironwork house proudly rooted in its territory. We carry the values ​​of sharing, excellence and creativity.

    We are deeply aware of the challenges of our humanity. Thus, in order to contribute to the climate effort, we are developing a reasoned supply, our suppliers are all located within a radius of 50 km around our workshop.

    We manufacture each of our products in an artisanal way in France and we make the trips between our transporter and our workshop by electric vehicle.

    delivery and product advice

    Delivery by relay UPS or Chronopost. It is also possible to collect your order directly in Angers city center.

    We are always at your disposal to answer questions regarding laying and installation. You can also contact us for any personalized creations.


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