What height to choose for a worktop in your kitchen

At Mercure Décoration, we know that you love to cook, just like us. And when cooking, one thing that is essential is having good utensils. And the number 1 utensil in a kitchen is the countertop. Today we're going to tell you how to choose the right size for your countertop and why it's extremely important.

Why choose a worktop in your size

When you spend several hours in your kitchen making small dishes, your back can get tired quickly. Indeed, the worktops are not necessarily at the right height. Your kitchen may not be the right size for you, and this can have consequences for your long-term health. It therefore appears essential, when designing your kitchen or considering a renovation, to put the worktop at the right height.

We will show you which height to choose for your worktop and then which Mercure Décoration feet will allow you to easily and inexpensively enhance your worktop thanks to our made-to-measure Made in France range.

What height to choose for your worktop

Let's get into the heart of the subject. To choose the ideal height for your worktop, it must be 10 cm below your elbow when your arm is 90% bent. This helps keep your back straight.

Thus, if you measure between 1 meter 36 and 1 meter 50, your work plan must be located at 79 cm. If you are between 1.60m and 1.74m tall, your ideal worktop is 91cm. Finally, if you are between 1m74 and 1m86 tall, your ideal worktop should be 98 cm.

Find our detailed table to perfectly choose your worktop height according to your size.

your sizeleg size

Mercure Décoration feet to adapt your worktop to the right height

table leg tube

leg tube

Ulysse leg

ulysse table leg


When you know that you spend an average of 45 minutes a day in your kitchen, having ergonomic tools is important. By having a tailor-made work plan you are sure to tire less and relieve your back. However, it is also important to think about the other members of your family (you can increase or decrease your countertop by 1 cm to please your partner). It is also important to think about the thickness of your table top when calculating the height of your countertop.