Bike in apartment

Why have a bicycle?

When you live in a big city, especially in Paris, it often seems like a good idea to own a bicycle. Having a bike rhymes with freedom, the freedom not to have to endure the deafening noises of the metro, the smell, the heat and the delays. Not to mention the presence of unfriendly people, and often when you come home from work tired, you want to see no one.

Having a car is frankly not the solution. First of all, it is expensive: pay the parking meter, gasoline, insurance, having to change the vehicle every 3 years to be in the nails with the crit-air sticker. All this to then have to spend hours in traffic jams in the morning and evening.

So how do you do it?

The ideal solution would be to have a bicycle. Indeed, what a pleasure to overtake all the cars, to enjoy the outdoors, not to have to think about the last metro or to have to endure strikes (remember the 2-month strike at the end of 2019 ...). Not to mention that every morning and every evening you do your exercise. So you keep in shape while enjoying the architectural richness of Paris. All this while paying no subscription, no gas, no insurance. For a second-hand bike at 120 euros, you gain your freedom.

You are now convinced of the merits of owning a bicycle in Paris. Only one last thing bothers your mind: Where are you going to store that bike?

Indeed, there is no question of leaving it outside, even with a padlock, it will be stolen after a few days and you do not necessarily have a cellar or leave it overnight. Not to mention bad weather and other vandalism problems ... Don't want to find your bike in the right place? You will have to store it in your apartment.

So you have decided to store it in your apartment. Only you don't want to let him hang out in the hallway. It is with this in mind that Mercure Décoration has developed a wall mount that allows you to easily hang a bicycle on your wall. these wall brackets are made in France, in our workshop near Angers. They allow you to showcase your bike in the living room of your apartment, it will give a DIY touch to your living room.

By ordering these wall brackets, which are suitable for a straight frame bicycle, you are supporting the relocation of craft jobs in France. Buying a French product that has not crossed the planet in a cargo ship that burns and throws fuel oil into the sea or lives the fish that you will eat in the evening is an ecological and sustainable approach.

By choosing this product, you are in line with the values ​​you defend, so don't wait any longer: come and discover our Edson bike wall mount