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    • Hairpin Wall Shelf Bracket - Haiprin

    Hairpin Shelf Bracket


    This industrial-style metal wall shelf bracket will be perfect for a loft-style interior, artist's studio, designer house ...

    Our shelf support is designed and manufactured in our workshop near Angers in France by our Master Ironworkers.

    It has a height of 21cm, a width of 19cm and a depth of 16cm. The top is 2mm thick. It can support a Herculean load of 20kg per support.

    By choosing this product, it is employment in France that you preserve in an ecological and sustainable approach.

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    Free delivery from 250 euros in France (excluding Corsica)


    This industrial-style metal wall shelf bracket will be perfect for a loft-style interior, artist's studio, designer house ...

    Perfect for a kitchen or for a living room, it allows you to highlight the unique personality of your interior. This hairpin shelf stand is a direct result of our iconic hairpin legs. The latter were invented by the Austrian-born New York designer Henry P. Glass in 1941. They then conquered the world, favored by the greatest interior architects and design enthusiasts. Henry P. Glass’s creativity and capacity for innovation has always been a source of inspiration to us.

    Our shelf support is made in France, in our Art workshop near Angers. Each hairpin wall shelf bracket that we make is unique, handcrafted by our craftsmen, it represents an age-old and irreplaceable know-how. It participates in the preservation of this traditional know-how and of these trades which make up the intangible heritage of France. We are proud to protect these professions which make our country famous throughout the world.


    Handcrafted according to rigorous specifications, this shelf support is a real work of metalwork and therefore has very slight manufacturing imperfections, which gives it all the authenticity of its rustic style.

    Each shelf support has a raw finish imbued with a certain timelessness. We apply to each product, directly and in the most noble way, with a brush, a thin layer of varnish that prevents the appearance of rust.

    This shelf support is, for our creator and artistic director, the symbol of our house's attachment to the invaluable richness and diversity of ironwork. Mercure Décoration has made the choice, since its foundation, to preserve and promote these unique values.

    Format and Description

    Each product is drilled with holes for fixing the support to the wall and the wooden board to the top. Each of our hairpin shelf brackets can accept a load of 20 kg. The dimensions of our wall mount are 21cm high, 19cm wide and 16cm deep.

    Each product is made from 8mm round steel and the top is 2mm thick.

    Our products are, for everyone, a symbol of excellence and authenticity, they are supplied without screws or dowels.

    House values ​​and sustainable development

    Mercure Décoration is a French ironwork house proudly anchored in its territory, we carry the values ​​of sharing, excellence and creativity. We are deeply aware of the challenges of our humanity. Thus, in order to contribute to the climate effort, we are developing a reasoned supply, our raw material suppliers are all located within a radius of 50 kilometers around our Art workshop. We handcraft each of our products in France and we travel between our transporter and our workshop in an electric vehicle.

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