Industrial design bar stool in varnished metal - Artemis
    • Industrial design bar stool in varnished metal - Artemis
    • Industrial design bar stool in varnished metal - Artemis
    • Designer bar stool - Artemis
    • Bar stool

    Industrial design bar stool in varnished metal- Artemis


    Industrial design bar stool for trendy restaurant or bar. Inspired by the elegance of New York buildings, it will be perfect for an ultra-designer bar or restaurant or for a particularly cozy interior.

    This "Classic" model bar stool in black metal industrial style is handcrafted in France, it is extremely robust, weighs less than 8.5 kilos. It is also easy to clean and store.

    Made in France by our craftsmen of Art. Our bar stool measures 82 centimeters and can withstand a load of 130 kg. With its sober and elegant design, it is the ideal choice for a trendy bar.

    By choosing this product, it is employment in France that you are preserving in an ecological and sustainable approach ...

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    Our bar stool represents daring, risk taking, the will to change. He celebrates New York and all the game-changers, the risk-takers. Its elegance is that of those who leave nothing to chance, those who know that a simple detail can make a difference. Those who choose quality and durability.

    It was while discovering the buildings of Manhattan for the first time by taking the Staten Island ferry that our artistic director designed this resolutely trendy bar stool. Its tapered steel lines that stretch out into the sky are a tribute to elegant international-style skyscrapers like the Seagram Building or the Willis Tower.

    Its black metal varnish is an elegant testimony of affection to the effervescence of New York evenings. Its wooden top is reminiscent of the orange sky that illuminates Manhattan in the evening.

    Extremely robust, sober and elegant, easy to maintain. It will be perfect for a trendy bar, an elegant restaurant or for the interior of a city lover who never sleeps.



    Our steel bar stool is entirely made in France by our craftsmen in our factory near Angers. The varnishing is carried out with a brush and in the noblest way possible by our great master varnisher.

    It is made from raw steel. It has 4 feet linked together at 2 points for even more durability.

    Each of our industrial bar stools is handmade, so there may be tiny differences in finish between each leg, this is the mark of manual and authentic work.


    With its real solid beech wood top, it measures 82 centimeters. It measures x by x centimeters.

    It weighs less than 8.5 pounds per foot which makes it extremely easy to transport. Its square design also makes it very easy to store.


    Our industrial style bar stool is delivered in a varnish finish: our great master varnisher comes to apply with a brush and in the noblest way possible a varnish that prevents the appearance of rust. The recipe for this varnish is a secret kept from generation to generation by the family of our grand master varnish. If you wish, you can then paint the stool, especially black to have a beautiful matt black stool. For outdoor use, we recommend that you varnish your bar stool once a year with a standard anti-rust varnish.

    Why choose this industrial bar stool

    This stool has been designed for intensive and professional use. It is therefore extremely robust, easy to transport and to clean. The tray can be replaced without worry.

    Our bar stool is entirely made in France by passionate craftsmen. By choosing this stool, you are choosing a durable, professional quality product.

    With this bar stool, you can sit your projects with confidence thanks to its robustness and elegance.

    House values ​​and sustainable development

    Mercure Décoration is a French ironwork house proudly rooted in its territory. We carry the values ​​of sharing, excellence and creativity.

    We are deeply aware of the challenges of our humanity. Thus, in order to contribute to the climate effort, we are developing a reasoned supply, our suppliers are all located within a radius of 50 km around our workshop.

    We manufacture each of our products in an artisanal way in France and we make the trips between our transporter and our workshop by electric vehicle.

    Delivery and product advice

    Delivery by relay UPS or Chronopost. It is also possible to pick up your order directly in Angers City Center.

    We are always at your disposal to answer questions regarding laying and installation. You can also contact us for any personalized creations.


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