Bar stool

The industrial style is on top of the trend right now. Today, we are introducing you to the ultra robust bar stool from Mercure Décoration. Dive with us in this survey which will make you discover the most fashionable seat among decoration lovers ...

Inspired by derelict factories which photographers delight in. The industrial style is perfect to give a New York side to your apartment. Two elements are essential to create the perfect industrial interior: steel and wood. Today, focus on the industrial bar stool from Mercure Décoration.

This bar stool, with its cubic design, is directly inspired by international New York style buildings. Architecture enthusiasts will certainly recognize New York's Willis Tower here.

Its pretty varnished metal color gives it an elegance and sobriety that will make it the ideal companion for high tables and the high table in your kitchen.

An ultra durable bar stool for a minimalist approach

This bar stool stands out with its slender and light look, but it is ultra durable, with the ambition to last a lifetime.

Indeed it is made of raw steel of the highest quality. Steel is one of the hardest and most durable metals that can exist today. For Mercure Décoration, offering you the most beautiful furniture that will last over time is a commitment.

To ensure exceptional durability, the welds are carried out using an aerospace technique. You can even use your bar stool on an airplane.

The beech wood top for a cocooning stool

The top is in beech wood. Beech wood is considered a strong, resistant wood made to last. It is also a wood that is not attacked by insects, fungi and parasites. It is also very insensitive to moisture and cracks, not bad ...

The real beech wood, used as the top of our bar stool, is a sign of quality. Its aesthetics are also a positive point: with its orange color, it will create a “wow” effect among your guests.

An ideal seat for your central island

The industrial design bar stool from Mercure Décoration has been designed for two audiences: catering professionals looking for the ideal bar stool for their establishment and individuals who want a product that lasts over time.

This bar stool will be perfect for the central island of a kitchen or for your new American kitchen. The timeless and understated design of the Mercure Décoration bar stool will enhance any type of interior.


A bar stool made in France

The bar stool from Mercure Décoration is entirely made in France. For Alexis Leicher of Mercure Décoration: "manufacturing in France allows us to offer the highest level of quality. French know-how and craftsmanship are the best for furniture. "Before concluding" in today's world, producing in France allows us to drastically reduce our polluting emissions. We are proud to reconcile decoration and protection of the planet ”

So, don't wait any longer to let yourself be tempted by this industrial style bar stool made in France ...